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What being a crew means is a vast story and there are many theories of perfection about it management wise and experience wise.
Idealistically, a crew depends first  on faith to itself as a one thing made of different people and elements driven by common beliefs.
The parameter of being 'driven ' speaks by itself as inferring notions of actions which are essential to being a crew where moves all together bind elements and make them become a team, aligned and moving smoothly towards their common goals.
I know my position in a team, I am a protector or an initiator , but never a captain. I don't like to be the frontal person. I would better stay at the back to defend and start fires when the wind blows. It is a very satisfying experience to be part of a project when I am accepted like I am with the skills I have and  tolerance towards my identity and personality. Only there I can give my best. I can be brilliant in a team as long as I have the feeling to be useful and free and never feel any authority over me. If I ever feel authority, it feels too heavy I want to quit, but this should never happen. As a real crew member, if altruism is present and sense or responsibility, you can't quit the boat before it's back to the port.

I am a friend of versatility and dynamism. I am happy when I make people happy and I can be very friendly with people who are friendly to me. Deep down this is the only way to work with kind people and I only like honestly kind people. 

This reflects in my recent figurative works where the girl is placed into action situations with a cat. The cat is the personnification of a loyal friend. They become an action duo bonded by love and loyalty. The fact that they create love explosions, are together on a love boat, or become a love brigade is a blend of lightness and ask the question about the purpose of their actions. It looks silly and childish but one question still remains: what's the purpose of doing something as long as we are sharing a good time.

The question of meaningfulness of acts and experiences is at the core of my figurative works.

Both the cat and the girl are alter egos and express the duality and dilemmas of  two sides.
The cat is the embodiment of individualism, has no master and rejects authority. He likes to come and go where and when he wants to and does not want or need to be advised on anything. The girl is the idealist child who always wants to be in peace and harmony and adresses life challenges with a simple kind hearted will and dreams of a happy world where we are all happy together. This naivety is interesting to develop in order to have enthusiasm and a fresh look on things.

What both have in common is the love for fun and fierce for adventure. This common ground is a biding cement. 

At an individual scale, being a team starts by yourself. To be able to function and be bold in what you do, some alignment between your different facets is needed. A reconciliation between the different yous helps to feel good and leads to self confidence. To be a team of your own it is important to accept yourself and love yourself like you are.

At the team level, being a team that functions well also relies on each and everyone ability to know their strengths and room for improvement and to tolerate the way we are.
As a team , members feel each other, understand each other's strengths and weaknesses and recognize each of the members is  essential to making things happen with their own role no matter the size and importance of involvement. 
In a team, all ingredients are essential. Even someone who just brings enthusiasm can help shape the drive of the team and make it stronger.

When you start a project, you start from nothing with a vision on long term. This will be forever the fuel of the team and its reason to be . Never give up before you achieved the point you set from the beginning.
A good crew is a crew that manages to stay together even when the torments of life blur the path and where motivation stays bright. It is a bit like running together on a long distance path with many obstacles.

In this artwork called 'Love Boat', characters are not having a quiet time chilling on a boat. They are actively facing the torments of life with a heart full of love and faith, believing that no matter what happens, it will always be ok !

A certain pace, patience, determination and sense of belonging with mutually rewarding actions makes the crew last.

Remember : you can still be a crew on your own. Being part of an active crew is a rich life experience.
Some prefer to have friends they work with and make achievements with because it has depth and meaning. The sense of meaning of the crew is an important component to make things work as a crew.
Rule number one is : always be true and never lie or bring your partners down anytime. Forgive and be patient keeping in mind that the worst must be avoided and the best stimulated. 
Beware about ego crisis. Nobody must start trying to eat or betray their partners.

Crew experiences remain anchored for life in memory and heart.

Au Bord de l'Eau is a nice project where I got involved by chance. In most cases, in life, things seem to happen by chance. Deep down, people need each other to make things come true. As an idealist I like to be part of a team driven to do and make things happen no matter what and preferably something that sounds like a dream to come true. I join teams temporarily and stay as long as I can tell I am helpful. If I feel reckless, I just leave. 
To balance passion, admit there is nothing so emotional about a team living and then dying. It is just the natural cycle of life. 

Emotions however are important, because when the common idealism is present, the crew can exist and sustain. This idealism that is the core is important to me. 
I would do anything to preserve it.
If sometimes we are disappointed, it is never because we dream or do too much, it can just be because we had an idea that was too fixed to last.
Reason is a good counselor when emotions become unclear. 
The versatility of ideas and opinions and the adjustability of team members is important.
If all of them show versatility they can become organic and adapt all together depending on the situation at a quick pace.
The boat is a nice image to show the huit clos sensation that can pop up at times in a crew. If people communicate and respect each other, no suffocation may happen. 


Painting on metal is a new thing for me. I studied carefully the different possible products to be used. Of course I wanted to do something which can last and stay in good condition always having on my mind that an outdoor artwork can last for a few hours or stay for decades ! For this reason I used some enamel.

Graphically , because of the uneven shape of the container, doing curves was a bit challenging. Just like on a shutter, you may see the picture variations depending on the angle you look at it. So to lessen these gaps I decided to adjust my picture to its environments and just use the existing shapes of the container to make the picture and painted vertically. From far you never see the gaps, but being a bit obsessed with my work it matters to me to be almost happy when I got my face on it. 

Despite the angular and fixed shapes of the container, it was important for me to keep the motion so I painted colours unevenly so to have a rhythm in the graphics .

Just like I like symmetry, I am fond of asymmetry. It makes everything more interesting and less fixed.

The choice of colors was made from my imagination telling me a perfect life scene is when the grass is bright green, the sky bright blue, nice pink really pink flowers, light and white, and some contrast to make it all even brighter ! A bit like in this movie called ' Pleasant Ville' where grays turn  into colours.
The environment and the presence of water next to the painting is also influential in the graphics as well as the purpose of the park au bord de l'eau: to welcome activities , children and different kinds of people.


My vision is to create more than one painting. It is about making a whole universe here with a consistent look and feel.
I hope I can realize my vision and I am going to do my best to make it happen to the fullest for both my passion and enthusiasm to create , and for the satisfaction of the community. 
As a crew member disappointment is not an option, everything must go well and be an impulse to move forward. The actions of a crew are like seeds. These actions can become contagious and then propel the enthusiasm and contribution of many new people.
In a way , this is the ultimate purpose of doing something together. 
I am happy my skills are helpful to the community and that people seem to find some inspiration thanks to my contribution.

This write -up is a fruit of Anthea Missy's brain. Please use it anytime and don't forget to add the source.
Thanks for reading and feel free to comment, share and review this article.
Anthea Missy 

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