Thursday, July 9, 2015

COBALT BLUE DAY - blablabla

Still on my painting , enjoying the brush technique as complement of my spraycan use. 

[1]Techniques - spray paint and introduction of liquid paint use

I feel super happy to have taken time to mix colours and managed to make a clean work with a brush. I started that new practice 3 months ago and it took me more time because I was not used to the brush. However, when I came to Cambodia, I knew I wanted to progress in my art by exploring things I did not do. I am happy of that self imposed training. The use of liquid paint is interesting as it helps me get sharp lines and I like that clean aspect. On the contrary the spraycan effects slightly irregular and with air effects gives more movements and temper to the artwork as it reflects the speed and impulse of the moment. I like sponteneous expression, instinctive, defined and free. And I also like to add more sophistication and control to the piece with the brush work. Because I was slow 3 months ago I really had to think a lot of what I was doing with a brush in one hand. Now, after 3 months, I can feel that instinctive sense of expression I have with a spraycan can be transferred to the brush as I am faster. For me mixing liquid paint techniques and spray paint techniques gives a balance as an experience for myself between the agressive energy of letting my hand draw large curves with a spray can and making more time using a brush in silence and with an almost meditative and sleepy mindset. People see a picture. For me it is more about the overall experience painting a piece whether it is fast or slow, complex or more simple. With that painting, it is the first time I enjoy sitting and watching it for long minutes, because I really feel something good and vibrant in it that does not interfere with any tortured feelings that an artist can unconsciously transfer in one's art. It is very important for me to be in a great spirit when I paint, because I deeply believe that the way I feel will be felt in my art. I want to give the best in it, I want people to feel good and find room for their own heaven to breathe when they look at a mural I have painted. It does not belong to me anymore. It is given to people, like a flower to be smelt by whoever wants to, in a public garden.

[2] inspiration

I explained in my video published on Instagram and youtube that I am very inspired by abstract things. 
More importantly and despite my very realistic personnality, I can see things into things, see an image in an image that does not exist or a character in a shadow. My imagination does not need any drug to go there. For me it is a new thing I want to explore and requires a more methodical approach to be expressed in one image... However coming from deep quick instants where perceptions just explode from what exist to the unseen.
I find it interesting to balance my sponteneous expression with that new approach of following unconscious perceptions objectified in conscious patterns and imagery. 

The picture of the boat was for me another picture where I saw a girl am racing a person, a boy or a girl... Still undefined. It was more about the emotion I felt when I saw that embrace pictures in my head, but more importantly overwhelming because it was a pure expression of grace and love.

[3] Love message

Many people asked me about the meaning . For once I am into figurative art, I expected people not to ask as much as they did with my abstract paintings.
My only word about it may be that people need to believe in something and it is not my role as myself to tell people what to think. I have strong points of views on any topic but I have never considered them to be universal truth.
I have seen people are very intolerant towards each other and that breaks my heart. The only religion that is worth believing in for me is love.
Anyone wants and needs to give and receive love.
It is the purest thing, making us closer to grace, to the essential of being connected with ourselves and others. 

Thank you for reading.
Ps: I have written this tonight and I am sorry if there are mistakes or ' coquilles'. 
Nothing is ever perfect :)

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