Tuesday, March 24, 2015

MOVIE - 'HOW TO DO GRAFFITI IN UNKNOWN CITIES' - Jakarta 2015 - by Anthea Missy

HOW TO DO GRAFFITI IN UNKOWN CITIES - my personal approach in 3 easy steps

I received many messages of people asking for advice or initiation to graffiti and also collabs. 
I am sorry not to reply to messages as often as I wish.
But here is my first and maybe the only one 'lesson' I can share with you graffiti artists to develop your own experience. I hope mine can help and Foster your great artistic dreams! ✌️🌟👯🐝

When in a new unknown  city with the plan to do graffiti as you have just one or 2 days in front of you to:
1. find the supplies
2.  find the spot
3.  execute the painting

These are tips, my cores I always stick to. 
1. Find the supplies
Options are : Google, social media , montana and other spraypaint apps.

2. Find the spot
Remember the best is to go straight to the point.
You want to know areas where graffiti is legal, or otherwise areas where it is chill and out of authority control.

- ask locals but you need people willing to help. 
Here very important : speak basic ENGLISH , emphasise on KEY WORDS
- ask to places reknown for their customer service ----> 4 stars hotels where people are hired for their sense of service something they usually have as part of their identity especially in Asia.
- have a walk or a ride around and find the spot that speaks to your heart. Sense the atmosphere and talk to the neighbourhood just to take the temperature. You don't want to tell what you want to do, but for sure you want nobody to stop you.

You can ask the guy to go beyond his work skills and get him to connect with his network to find the answer. A city is big but the world is small :)
Help the people and be a solution provider. Make it easier for them to find the things you want and also propose easy ways that are the least time and energy consuming.

Note: you can get involved with the local scene but remember that regardless of their enthusiasm to help you, they do not have the same time priority than you, and you could lose time despite meeting nice people. You need information. But you want that to be efficient and get to the execution as quicker as possible.
'Get on your own' is my advice. 

3. Execute
Have a line in your mind, not necessarily a sketch. Something clear and not to detailed. Just a little something as a base.

Practically interesting to make time for priming because you can save spray paint and have a general impression of the work which is more clear and bright.
Never try to make a perfect job and lose too much time in details. Be confident the lines will flow by their own.
You need to set a start and stop time and stick to it. Like an exam, the clock is your ultimate boundary . That does not mean you have to be stressed because you are the only one to decide of that boundary.  On the contrary channel the pressure and enjoy the kick to let the energy drive your work with a large room for spontaneity , giving the breath to your work and that high sensation experience for yourself.

Always on your mind and to apply to do graffiti in style no matter where on EARTH:
Here the overall experience is about challenging yourself and make your own performance.
Remember: you just have one competitor ---> yourself
The whole experience is and must be number 1 : ENJOY yourself and people and atmosphere  and put PASSION in what you do.
In the end, you will only remember the path! And people will only remember  the emotional bond that existed between the two of you at that unique time of your lives. 

Sometimes all that may not work, but you know that's the game: you want to win your own battle but the game continues and there is always a new opportunity to do better!  Be indulgent with yourself, nobody's perfect. 

Stay positive  and smile all the way!
This is the ultimate tool in life :D

Always ! : thank people and share your happiness with them. It is important to share the love even if you are focused. 
Only once in a lifetime, for any moment being unique as such. 

Friendly yours,

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