Monday, February 23, 2015

'Inside you' - Drawing

Hello ! Here is the background #colour , accurate with outside day #light ! 🐝'Inside you' is a 70cmx50cm #drawing on glossy dark turquoise cardboard.

The emulsion of our souls:
I think once a day like that, and just for an instant everyday:
At the same second someone is happy, someone is in love, someone is suffering.
So for a second I go all through the entire spectrum of emotions a human being can feel. Freaking. But real.
That's a question of probability !
I enjoy my time because I know I am lucky. I enjoy life because I know it can change because I know happiness is a fragile state and we all wish it can be maintained.

I think of the romance of life and random circumstances that make you  experience the unexpected or meet the indescribable person. (Positive thinking).
Actually life is random and each choice has a huge impact on your life. So far, I am not teaching anything new. However, it takes concentration to think backwards and understand how properly a little thing we can do can change the occurrence of events and lead to new paths. ( I got examples !)

Even the time at which you leave your house to pick up the bread !

Souls are connected.
If you think of someone who pops up into your mind,
The reason might by that person is also thinking about you.
Everytime we communicate has an impact on at least one person.
This impact can be positive.
I wish in my case it just can be positive.
I prefer to encourage and spread the light the more I can in any way, by these words or just by a painting :)
I wish it and I am doing my best to achieve it.
So ok, I know you think about me :)
And maybe I do too ;)
And even if we never met , I mean not yet🌟.

The borders we perceive are not as real as we think they are.
The hearts vibrate and emulate over other hearts on earth.
There is that theory of law of attraction.
I believe it is a true law (butterfly effect).
All you think about and even the way you think about it has an invisible effect in time and space over others in short, mid, long run, and comes back to you as well 😈
I think I may not be right , but this is my opinion. No! it is my belief 👼

And then, I was thinking about some people I really like when I drew that one, like a silent pray in the night for them to feel good and carry on well.
They popped up into my mind. I had nice thoughts nice images about us being in complete harmony and mutual understanding. 

I won't even tell them I thought of them.
Some may understand and like it some may think I have an interest.
So we are bound to hide the love to protect our own emotions and their purity.
But I understand that.
I don't need to say things.
I think they can be felt by whoever needs them.
So instead of sharing with a couple of people, I share with everyone, for the benefit of anyone to pick it or not.

End of the story 💥

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