Tuesday, February 17, 2015

' Together in the Light or Apart in the Dark' - canvases

A pair of 30cm x 30cm 3D canvases - spraypaint and acrylic markers.

If I like you it is because i love your energy.
If i don't like you it's because you go against my energy, souls as my temple.
We could be like water flows, crossing over gently.
Because we are all meant to be.

If we meet it is because there is a reason,
Something we ignore or something conscious.
If we share a moment on the path,
It is because we have something to learn from each other.
When the lesson is taught,
Our bond is released and the ties unleash to reveal the next level of our inner light.

If we do not understand each other sometimes,
We should never forget the best,
That shiny light that once brightened our eyes.

The flame is and was and fuels the light or cause the combustion of our ties themselves.
There is no need to cry or hide feelings and emotions.
Because they are alive and they follow you.

The shapes can be the happy lucky flame of the beginning,
The burning fire of passion,
Or the gentle warmth of the healed hearts heating softly in the fireplace,
There are seasons of love and change,
Invisible and inevitable.

IT, will and always be alive, as an abstract organic thing that you can't touch but will always feel.
Let the fire have its own life,
And don't throw water on it.
When it's turned to ashes,
It is still there and won't leave you.
Instead of a sweet warmth inside your body, you will just feel stinging bitterness.
You don't want to poise your heart,
And you don't want to poise the seeds of the love to come with other souls.
You respect nature and the invisible forces that made you meet and share, as an uncontrollable and natural phenomenon.

You want peace and harmony within you.
And this is how you will find harmony around you, elevating your inner harmony and producing even more warmth around you say by day.
One day, you will be gone.
In your last moments you will feel it coming to you to take you somewhere else.
The only thing left then, is what you can feel inside you.
All the triumphs and failures will all be forgotten.
You will just feel yourself the way you shaped you soul and spirit.
And maybe we are always on the edge between life and death.
And maybe every moment is deeply unique.
And you can choose if you want a flame or ashes. 
You can choose to be a butterfly or a flower or to be dying inside and not to enjoy the best life has to offer: 
every second that surely happens.

If you don't believe, things cannot happen.
Find the best in you and just use that healthy fuel to spread your soul all around you.
This is how change happens, and this is how your world and the world around you becomes better and keeps bearing the prints of the sweet petals of the light that shines forever.

Anthea Missy 

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