Monday, February 23, 2015

' Love Stream ' - Canvas

My #new piece ' Love Stream' acrylic on 1mx1m canvas - #abstract #art #artwork #organic #water #love #antheamissy 

Here is my inspiration:
I was walking on my path and heard the sound of a river.
It was a slow and repetitive rythm that Hypnotized me.
I approached the stream and saw dozens of faces in it.
underwater , the ambiguous features misplaced clarity.
Some clarity I was looking for.

I left the edge to swim in the ocean of complexity and as the stream was carrying me, I felt in a complete motion of completion, 
Hypnotized by the stream and the lyrics of the waves, like a mermaid calling out from paradise.
I was drifting away in another universe.
Like a bubble , like in a dream.

I thought the stream would take me out of my path.
I hesitated to leave the fixed ground for the uncertainty of water.
Soft appealing water where you can feel lighter,
Dangerous waters which can change their appearance and drown you.

I had to choose between walking on a safe ground or following the mermaid.
I preferred to leave the ground.
Many times I hesitated and I figured that I could try to melt.

Out of monotony,out of routine,
The streams were not straight and clear,
But they were all going in one and only one direction.
Floating above the sky.

And that river, out of sight makes that song that calls my ear.
I can't see the river, but I can hear it.
The river is hypnotizing and takes me with it.
I don't know anymore  whether the river is carrying me or if I have become the stream.

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