Thursday, January 29, 2015

MOVIE - ´Daddy Veasna window design' - Phnom Penh Cambodia Graffiti by Anthea Missy

Veasna is getting his window cleaned as I offered him to revamp it at breakfast earlier this morning. He's cool and conservative and reluctant to change! He could accept a simple design, nothing too eccentric. Change is a slow process.

I had given up trying to convince him with my graphical ideas on how to show he's doing one of the best coffees here and over the top ' the best banana cake in the world! '. At 12 o'clock, I found Viesna repainting his walls himself. I understood he realised my proposal was serious and would expire tomorrow as I will be leaving Phnom Penh to get back to Europe. Background: He was traumatised by the Khmer massacre which took his family.

I just think he does an amazing and unique banana cake in the neighbourhood and special daddy's sandwiches in a very loving and authentic way. The banana cake takes 3 hours of baking in a charcoal oven. I have ordered one banana cake per week, and believe it is an amazing healthy product that stands out as his unique selling proposal and could make him improve his profits, make him happier and busy . #community #art #lessismore #love #coffee — at Boeng Kak Lake

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  1. Danny said to me the other day "I tell you something about Anthea.....she's the only one of us who could persuade Veasna to paint his bloody wall"