Monday, December 22, 2014

'We take the wall tonight ' - Brussels Graffiti

2 weeks ago when I spotted that wooden panel in #brussels just down by my flat, I imagined a huge #canvas in that dark street. An energy generator for all the people who come and go by bus, walk, or drive. Then I chose to take the #wall. My friend Raphael is the only one guy I know who has the balls to get there and do things from scratch on the Fly like I do. I enjoyed that #illegal experience as an additional #spiritual milestone in my #life. When I talked with the cops, I proudly held my ID and artist card and said ' check that you're going to have a #blast ' . I had NO fear. I was deeply convinced that all the things I do have a #meaning which, for myself,  stand above the logic  of #law and conventional #rules. I let my #instinct and #intuition guide me. This year I discovered that my path is #Self #expression , #exploration and to follow my #gut - my key to achieving true #happiness . 

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