Sunday, November 23, 2014

'Plain Circle' - Canvas

This is my new canvas ( 1m x1m) made with liquid paint worked with brush, spray paint, acrylic pencils.
There is bronze paint all around. So the background looks dark in the shadow (coffee shades) and bright and shiny on daytime.

It comes with a writing of mine.

The plain circle,
The plain circle is boring.
It is clear and perfect as such (cf my post about perfection).
The perfect circle is ridiculous and stands apart, something too sharp in lines so that it appears to look almost like a square.
The imperfect circle, that is depicted by irregular shapes draws an aura, a halo that explains how energetic and lively it can be.
Like a generator, it is not static, and because of its permanent movements if flows out of a square boundary, out of a canvas, out of the lines.
Because the perfect circle is undefined, it shows thousand circles in one shape, undefined, but visible as one core shape.
The mystery of the circle is magic.
Just with one shape we can imagine so many things which exist around us, inside us, and also things that go beyond our understanding like the origin of the world.

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