Tuesday, November 4, 2014

'Khi' - Part 1 - Hanoi Graffiti

So glad of my day :) As a starter, I painted 15 meters of my new mural 'Khi' , between 11am and 4pm. Despite my little issue with the painting I found my luck again. Here in Hanoi, no Montana, Belton, Molotov or any good spray paint.  Had to cope with a painting for cars named ATM which could not stop sinking. Luckily I spotted a better brand called Lazer and trusted the 'japan-made' label. Besides, Graffiti here is quite an edgy discipline as locals barely know about it. Interesting human facts : Got introduced to the family of my new teammate Chu who came to pick me up with his motorbike and became my guide in the city. I recommend Vietnam as a destination: the most equalitarian society I've been in touch with, hard workers who appreciate the simple joys of life, super open-minded like the people of the little shop in front of the wall who treated me as a family member. The 'magic smile society' with happy people. I have had amazing contacts with students, riders who really appreciated the art. Not everyone here has an internet connection and can afford thinking about art. It is a usual habit for the majority to transit from the countryside to Hanoi for an hour or more on a scooter ( sometimes 4 people on the same scooter). So here is my gift to the workers and students who come and go via the Long Bien bridge. I feel super delighted to be here in Hanoi, top experience of the year. And ... don't forget to Stay tuned for the second shot :) #graffiti #asia #vietnam #hanoi #streetart #antheamissy #art

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