Monday, November 3, 2014

Khi - Mural Preparation - Hanoi Graffiti

One 60m mural instead of 4 pieces with a two-step afternoon : sanding and priming (1 layer) that wall located at the entrance of Hanoi East before the bridge between 2pm and 6pm, thanks to the good advice of my new friend Chu ! So excited to be tomorrow and start the artwork ! #graffiti #streetart #hanoi #vietnam

I don't Know what I am going to paint as I work on the fly.

However, I Know my favorite topic of study on this week is the Khi and I Can feel It Will shape my art. It has both meanings in Japanese ( Universal energy) and in Vietnamese (air). Both concepts are meaningful to me.

Hereafter one picture of the original wall and one of me posing after I completed its preparation.

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