Thursday, November 13, 2014

'In the Woods' - Drawing

70cm x 50cm acrylic drawing on iridescent paper.
When something is going to happen I sense it.
A smell, a caress of the wind,
Something buzzing in the air in silence or in the middle of the loud croud.
Nose up high, nose wide open, you know it's in the air,
Someone close is around.
Still far from the body, so close to your mind.
A magnetic appeal. Invisible for the eyes, still, so obvious for the heart to feel.

And the desires dance in imagination,
And the ink flows through the paper to make it breathe,
And the eye meets the eye,
And the earth seems to tremble and shake your whole world.
The moment, the magic instant,
Like a splinter going straight under your skin.
A second, so close, endless understanding.
Endless love lost in the moment.
For the sake of purity and honesty.
No words necessary.
A immediate and extra speed blossom of the soul,
Turning pink and red and flashing in the dark.
It's like the wind,
Passing by once and then leaving.
That's a connexion.
It is perfect as such and consuming it can lead to disappointment.
Love is free, live is eternal.
Trying to capture the love is like chasing your own freedom,
The love is like a flower.
It needs to breather and needs delicacy.
It needs to remain above the power of words.
Because grace is something you sense.
That alignment with someone, in silence.
And they eyes speak.
The same is true with people who don't like you, or with whom you don't fit.
But very often hatred is not really natural.
It hides a future story or learning, a lesson to receive and use for a better life, for a positive life.
Sometimes in the morning I think about things I failed, and I realize how much they taught me how to improve my future projects.
Eternal only, the instant of completion.

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