Thursday, November 13, 2014

' Flowing Soul ' - Drawing

A 70cm x 50cm acrylic drawing on dark grey iridescent paper.

7 am thoughts of love

Dear Diary,

Without any statement,
Agitated, restless,
All contradictions intertwined,
By both ends.
I woke up and all was clear. 

The day light was rising as the night was falling asleep, 
On thoughts, laid on white sheets.
The light burst into dreams of reality,
Words, again, the same,
A quest for the absolute, for the truth.

Love is vibrating,
The breast is moving,
The heart is beating strong , accelerating on those thoughts,
The mind is coming, eyes see through darkness,
Visions of now, and tomorrow,
Intensified senses,
Thinking forward , and sensing the life of 'tomorrow', under the fingers, laid on the fabric, touching the leaves, colours,and the skin of the waking dream.

Spontaneous and Lively , that sensation is going above the static dimension of a frozen movement,
A move of the soul, diffuse, detached from materiality,

Pure whiteness of the day , blinding,
Is it so bright or the illusion of the truth in the dark?

An idea crossed my mind in this complete and absolute peaceful meditation.
The presence of the other became apparent.
From far but so close,
A thought that I undoubtedly felt as mutual.
Like a communication door open in between space and time,
A flair and beyond everything : a certainty.
Sixth sense.

Row and accurate in a second.
Easily written in a couple of minutes.
There is nothing to be tested or proven.
And there is nothing to hang on.
Just a feel.
I embraced my soul, and I jumped out of my bed without thinking about that any longer.
I just kept the sweet aerial love thoughts as wings. 
Life without substance is no life.

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