Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Movie - 'Wild Secret Garden' - Brussels 2014

First graffiti in the Wild secret Garden (to be continued).
''Dear diary,

If things can't be perfect now, they can after repeating on and on the same scenari. Once they are perfect, they are forever boring, static.

Though subjective, perfection exists through consensus, so it can exist in a specific reality of human perceptions.

Perfect features, perfect shapes,
One shadow to the best,
Perfect movements, perfect lines,
Straight to boredom (deep dives!!).

Perfect mistake, perfect impulse,
Perfect energy, sponteneous.
All so raw,all so pure deep inside,
And the shape of the wind, invisible and irregular, makes me breathe.
Perfect shout perfect scream,
Echoing when the song is getting weak.

All so perfect all so boring,
No asperity, perfect boredom,
No surprise, perfect scenario,
Perfect loops and circles,
Perfect death, perfect perfect Perfect,
Tasteless, boring, subjective, obsessional.
Perfect is the word for those who do not know how to get the best from the only moment that never catches back again.

Perfect is an end, subjective,
Perfect is content.
Perfect is for the poser,
Not enough for the hunter.
Imperfection is the most stimulating criteria of the things that you can't forget.

Don't be perfect,
Don't think perfect.
Think: ALIVE And Dynamic Anthea.

I can't talk with them, they are too much into that word.
And too often there is a voice in my head saying:
' they are just not getting perfection is a process , not a result.
Getting lost in the process takes out the expression of... The soul, takes out the vibration of all the things that resonate somewhere in the field of mysterious echoes that no one can rationally explain'.

Perfect is like forever.
Imperfect is temporary.
All perfection becomes brilliant instead of perfectly static,
When the sum of all temporary imperfections get connected and reach the 'brilliant state' of suspension.
But nothing is brilliant forever.
The curve is not a line.
More of a sum of mountains to climb over and over,
To the end.

The best dissertation scores 19/20.
The best conversations are not about agreements but stimulating contradictions.
The points of view are not perfect,
But the dynamic process of exchange is, in itself.
The moment is perfect because it never lasts.
What is perfect never lasts.
Because life itself to renew, continue and keep its dynamic going (something out of control, laws of nature), takes out the perfect states just like the see waves roll on and on randomly.
Randomly but perfectly...

And all the edges of a square hurt my mind, and my legs when I wake up at night to pee!
I wish all the things in that world could be organic, in shapes, in textures, like water.
Water does not hurt,
The Wind neither.
And when you see round and organic shapes, you can feel them caress your body through your eye.
And when you deal with organic and dynamic textures, it does caress your body.
Temporary shapes added together in space and time, to create a perfect consequence , temporarily comfortable.

Dear, Diary, goodnight :)', and thanks for listening to me.' Anthea Missy 

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