Saturday, August 16, 2014

'3D Spreading' - Brussels Graffiti

Perfect finishing of that organic artwork at the skatepark in the center of Brussels, I fell in love with the shape of the surface, irregular and curvy. The work is composed of 2 parts: the curvy foreground and the background sitting 2 meters behind. As you move around the work, you realise how the two parts always remain connected and that the impression of movement goes beyond the graphics themselves . I integrated the artwork within the existing visual and architectural parameters so as to push its organic property further, as if it were a living creature. Special thanks to Laurent De Leeuw for the pictures.

The video shows the organic artwork endowed with 2 connected graphics: one at the foreground and one at the background (2m distance). A 180° walk around it shows that the way the 2 parts communicate together conveys a sharper dynamic visual effect to the whole.

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