Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wooden find and the 2 Lovers

240 cm x 90 cm

I Found this big wooden panel on the street. I liked it because wood is such a noble material that I found it too sad to let it abandoned in the middle of the street. It was too big to go through the stairs to my flat so had to break it With my feet like a savage girl.
The couple/ union I'm painting is inspired of a sculpture. Why did I choose to do this?
I love the wood and from a spiritual perspective, it's the element I find to be the closest to my nature.
It is strong and soft, textured and with natural patinas. I  find it's a material with very warms vibrations. It is as warm as love. Remember the trees engraved with lovers names in a <3 on tree under the fresh green spring leaves.

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